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Every Friday night, on his way home from work, Steve would stop at a convenience store and pick up ice cream for his wife.  They were expecting their first baby, and she was holding onto the ice cream cravings.  Unbeknownst to her, though, Steve was buying a single lottery ticket every time he did.  It was just a game Steve played, a fun way to dream of the future, to be able to have something to give his child.  Well, Steve didn’t win millions upon millions of dollars, but he did win $75,000 on a scratch off.


Steve began receiving an annuity, set up for him to get $1,000 a month for the next six years.  While the extra income was useful when the baby was first born, expenses began to pile up.  Doctor’s appointments, baby gear, and just buying diapers began to take their toll on Steve’s bank account.  After a car repair and some credit card purchases, Steve found himself in debt.  Instead of enjoying his lottery winnings, Steve began to resent the small amounts that were coming in.  Winning the lottery was supposed to help Steve, and he felt as if he was getting nothing out of it.  So Steve decided the best thing to do would be to sell his annuity.


Steve checked around for quotes to see what he could get, and he found the best quote at 123 Lump Sum.  They were able to get Steve the money he needed to get out of debt fast.  Steve was very happy with the way the financial manager that 123 Lump Sum had on call talked him through his decision, helping him get the amount he needed.  And they moved fast, getting Steve his money in about eight weeks.  He appreciated that he didn’t just feel like another thing to get through, like he did with some the bigger companies.  Steve felt like 123 Lump Sum really cared about his business, and would really serve him best.


123 Lump Sum is a direct funder.  That means that they are the people with the money.  There is no middle man taking a cut out of the lump sum that Steve or other sellers would get.


Steve went over all the angles, and chose the company that was best for him.  Of course, it is important for all sellers to do the same.  If selling an annuity or structured settlement is something you are looking into, be sure to consult a financial planner.



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