How to Get Your Annuity Sale Approved

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Don’t Be Denied YOUR Money

When it comes to settlements and receiving them, most of the time the money will be in the form of payments. These payments usually are month to month and while these are handy and help, sometimes the need arises for a larger amount than the payment is. This is when the thoughts of selling the annuity to get cash comes up. But there are things that must be done first before the sale can be approved.

It All Depends on You

Getting to the point where you need cash for settlement can be something that happens. The necessity of paying for bills and other expenses is always going to be present and taking care of them is important. But sometimes, when a sale of a settlement has gone to the judge, it gets denied. Here are some ways to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Approval Can Happen

Just because you go through all of the processes and legal hoops to get your settlement sale done, it doesn’t always mean that you will be approved. Making sure that everything is carefully planned, worded and documented can make it easier for a judge to say “transaction sale approved” rather than hearing “transaction sale denied”. Your diligence and time invested in working on the sale can pay off. You can then get the lump sum for your settlement annuity and use that money to take care of debts, medical expenses or purchase a new vehicle or home.

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