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Designed specifically to meet the needs of an injured party, a structured settlement annuity provides periodic payments over a set amount of time that are free of taxation. The design of the structured settlement, its negotiation, and the facilitation of the settlement process are all handled by a specialized consultant.

Benefits to entering into a structured settlement are that you will get a steady, guaranteed stream of payments and these payments will be free from income tax. The ability and financial strength of the issuing company are what back insurance products. For this reason, it is important to learn as much as possible about a business before choosing them for your structured settlement. You will likely be entering into a decades-long relationship with them. You want to be sure they will still be around and that they are not a scam. In this entry, we will review Pacific Life’s credentials.

Pacific Life’s History

Offering an array of investment services and products to businesses, pension plans, and individuals, Pacific Life is an insurance company that offers annuities, mutual funds, and life insurance products. Over 50 percent of the 100 largest companies in the United States are among Pacific Life’s customers. In Sacramento, California, Pacific Life was founded in 1868 by former California Governor Leland Stanford, who also started the Stanford University. Today, They have an A+ BBB rating.

Pacific Life has been helping to protect families and individuals from financial risks that can affect their retirement savings, businesses, and investments for more than 145 years. As part of a mutual holding company structure Pacific Life is a relatively unique organization. Contract and policy owners are considered members of the company. And, the company is not publicly traded.

Pacific Life is well versed on risk management. This is key in picking a structured settlement company. Their strategies include

Structured Settlements with Pacific Life

Pacific Life continues to be a top level structured settlement provider through their dedication to their customers and by offering competitive products. They have a commitment to quality, excellence, and service. All assigned contracts receive a State of Irrevocable Guarantee from Pacific Life, which has over $117 billion in total assets.

Pacific Life offers a variety of benefits to all parties involved in the structured settlement. For the injured party, there is an emphasis in creating stability. Future and current financial needs are taken into consideration when designing the claimant’s payments. With the dependability of a highly rated financial institution, there is a high level of security in the structured settlement being paid. Plus, the payments are personalized to meet the claimant’s financial needs over a set period of time.

For the defendant, Pacific Life is a good option because commissions are paid weekly, customer service handles their requests promptly, a tax deduction may be possible, costs may be reduced, and, within five business days of receipt, they review all new business paperwork.

Pacific Life relies on their effective communication between the broker, the claimant, and the life company to handle customer demands and create solutions. Key to their customer service is being professional, attendant to your needs, and prompt. It is because of their diverse line of products, superior customer service, and strong financial backing that we are able to highly recommend Pacific Life for your structured settlement.

Contact Information for Pacific Life

You can reach Pacific Life at 1-800-800-7646. Their corporate offices are located at 700 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92660. And, their website is

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