Who Gets Structured Settlement Annuities?

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Structured Settlement Awards

It isn’t easy to have to live on a limited income. When someone says they are living off a structured settlement, they’re talking about living off of cash for an annuity. While this can sound like a bad thing because many structured settlement annuities are awarded for personal injuries, it can mean something completely different for some people. There are varying reasons why a person would be awarded a structured settlement annuity.

Reasons That Qualify a Person for an Annuity

There are a number of reasons why someone would get awarded a structured settlement or get cash for an annuity. They are:

Why a Structured Settlement?

When it comes to a structured settlement case, everyone benefits. The settlement can cost less because of the total amount that is paid out over time. If a lump sum was requested, it would be much higher than living off cash for annuity. Structured settlements are designed to be easier to handle and manage when it comes to court and taxes as well. So, the benefits to actually taking a structured settlement is greater than if a lump sum is taken.

Another benefit of taking a structured settlement is to ensure that the person or persons taking the settlement has financial stability over a long period of time. If a person is injured or needs worker’s compensation, they are most likely unable to return to work after a while. A structured settlement annuity gives that person or persons a source of income and the financial resources to take care of bills and other needs. They can get cash for an annuity and be better equipped to deal with everyday expenses. They’ll also be able to focus more of their time and energy on recovering from their injury.

Settlements will be around for years and are a popular method to getting the money that will take care of people for years. With a structured settlement annuity, things can be easier. The guarantee through the good times and bad times can be very reassuring.

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