Sell My Annuity for Cash in the USA

Sell Annuity for Cash

With the biggest payouts in North America we wanted to extend a special thank you to all of our Annuitants for making us the largest buyer. Thanks to great customer service and maximizing our payouts to annuitants just like yourself we continue to excel in the market.

Have an annuity payment that you want to trade in for cash now? Well today you can cash in your annuity with “CIYA” the leader in fast payouts for annuitants. Are program designated to purchase your annuity payments are facilitated and limited to residents of the United States so if you are in Canada, Mexico, or Central America then we are not easily able to facilitate a deal for yourself.

Our process of selling annuity payment streams are fast and simple. Our expert advisory staff work with you based on your wants and needs and can get you the funding needed in as little as 24 hours.

Sell Annuity

How to sell annuities

When you decide it’s time to raise money for a quick lump sum payment we are here to help at CIYA. Whether it’s money being used to help your family get their first home, starting a new business to become the next Donald Trump, or paying off student debt we are here to help you with the best solution and highest payout possible. You can sell part or all of your future annuity payments. There are lots of great companies and options when it comes time to sell your annuity payments for a lump sum and each state and city has a company that can assist you as listed below.

A Deferred annuity payment is not helpful to our clients who need cash now. While the asset grows and is tax deferred and distributes payments as a periodic payment, lump sum pay out, and or annuitization.

Some of the benefits of keeping your annuity is that your money can continue to grow tax deferred, is almost always AAA rated paper backed by the biggest insurance companies in the world, is guaranteed against losses and hedging your downside on your investment portfolio, income lasts and is reliable.

Why You Should Sell Your Annuity Payments

Some of the big drawbacks far outweigh the benefits and thus why we offer to purchase annuity payments from clients to help them when they need it most. The complexity of these financial instruments come with very expensive fees and are hard for most individuals to understand, you end up giving up the lump sum payment option if you purchase an immediate annuity or decide that you want to annuitize your deferred annuity contract, your cash is tied up and you can’t get to it unless we help you to facilitate a sale, Surrender charges and IRS do cause big penalties if you want to take money out before you turn 60 years of age.

No matter what you decide we are proud to help you to figure out the best route for you to take with your annuities. We can purchase payments in all 50 states as listed below.

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