An Overview of Settlement Payments

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Structured Settlements 101

When someone has a settlement, they usually are getting payments on a monthly basis. The settlement can be for injury, malpractice, worker’s compensation, or medical negligence. The settlement is designed to protect you from having to worry about financial duress in the future in regards to medical expense, living expense, and any other expenses that could be unseen. But what about selling the settlement? How can I get cash now for structured settlements that I have?

How Payments Work

After a settlement has been made, payments are then made to you each month. These payments usually are small but enough to cover any expenses that may come from needing medical treatment, medication, or any other expenses. The total amount of the settlement is broken down so that there is adequate financial means every year. Then that amount is again broken down into 12 monthly payments. That is the amount that you receive each month.

Sometimes settlements include periodic lump sums which are strategically placed in the settlement to help offset the need for larger purchases. Other times they are not there. That is when the time for looking at getting cash out of a structured settlement can be necessary.

About the Process

Getting cash for a settlement is easier than most people think. There are companies that will help get you the cash you deserve out of a settlement. Settlements are simple in design. Once a settlement is proven, the payments made are not taxable. This means that the money is yours to spend how you want. But there are things to consider when looking to get a lump sum of money.

So there is a short overview of what a settlement is, how you can use it, and if selling how the best way to go about getting the cash you need. It’s basically taking the payments and turning them into a lump sum that you can get sooner than later.  Just be wise with how you use the money and make sure that everything is taken care of. You don’t want to sell your settlement and then end up in a worse situation than before.

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