Access Your Money

You do not have to wait for your structured settlement payments. You can access your money now to reach new heights and have the life you want, without the wait.


Having access to your money puts you back in control to pursue your dreams. Your money is within reach. Allow us to help you get the highest possible offer for your payments.


Why should you wait years to receive your money? We can help you discover practical solutions that will put money in your pocket with minimal wait time.


The process is simple. Find and make an agreement with a buyer. Then your money will reach you quickly. After extensive research, we are ready to assist you in making the best choice.

What to expect

Structured Settlements

We are here to educate you on options and position you in control of the process. We provide all of the information you need for making the right choice.


If you have an annuity from an investment or lottery win, we provide you with all of the facts on taxation. Provide some basic information to determine if you can sell your payments and then receive assistance in selecting a suitable buyer.

Financial Advice

Check out the blog for more financial advice. Blog topics include everything from credit cards to mortgage advice.