The Pacific Life Insurance Company was founded in 1868 by Leland Stanford. For over 150 years, clients have enjoyed the trust and piece of mind that Pacific Life offers.

Pacific Life is a strong and capable company that offers a full line of products and services. Regardless of you life goals, Pacific Life has the services to help you reach them. So whether you’re looking for retirement income, or a life insurance policy, there is something available to meet your needs.

Pacific Life annuities provide a reliable income stream that can give you the peace of mind you need during retirement. Annuities vary. Pacific Life has a full range to fit your specific client needs. So whether you’re shopping for a variable annuity, fixed index annuity, or deferred income annuity, something is available for your specific goals.

Pacific Life’s Life Insurance Policy is an asset that pays out upon the death of a spouse. A life insurance policy is something that you should never put off. While it is payable during a very painful time in your life, it can offer the financial benefit you need to keep your household afloat and pay for burial and other needs.

Pacific Life Mutual Funds is an asset-growing tool. Personal managers will work with clients to ensure clients meet their long-term financial goals. Pacific Life’s high-quality standards and leadership ensure that clients receive consistent results.

The company believes in the power of corporate responsibility. Pacific Life is committed to supporting communities, employees, and the company’s environmental footprint.

Pacific Life has donated more than $100 million toward non-profits. The company supports a wide range of issues and volunteers more than 12,000 hours of community service. The Pacific Life Foundation has donated more than $2 million towards marine research and different ways to heal the oceans.

The environment is very important to Pacific Life. The company’s Green Initiative helps reduce water consumption, pollution reduction, and business office waste.

If you would like to find out more information regarding Pacific Life and the products, give them a call.