Company Prudential Financial Inc, is a Fortune 500 company that has a number of global subsidiaries. Prudential provides a number of products like insurance, investments, and other services. Founded in 1875 by John Dryden, the company is headquartered in Newark, New Jersey. The company has total assets of $831 billion.

Longtime CEO John Strangfield recently retired after 11 years of service. He is being replaced by Charles Lowery.

Prudential Financial Inc, began using the symbol of the Rock of Gibraltar in the late 1890s. The related “Get a piece of the rock” slogan caught steam soon after. By the end of the 19th century, Prudential had become one of the largest insurance and financial corporations world wide.

The life insurance, investment, and annuity options offered by Prudential Financial, Inc. is designed to help clients receive the financial freedom they need. The team of professional advisers and agents can help you choose the policies that fit the needs of the individual or family.

If you are reaching retirement age, annuities created by Prudential can be the source of a lifetime income stream. There are many possibilities to explore, and Prudential Financial, Inc. provides them all. Unlike many other financial instruments, Prudential can offer a number of options to fit your needs and objectives.

Prudential has gone through a number of transitions over the years. In 2004, Prudential Financial acquired the Cigna Corporation. In 2011, AIG was acquired.

Prudential Financial, Inc. has consistent 100% rating on the Corporate Equality Index. They have received numerous awards from excellence over the years. Prudential ranked number 52 on the Fortune 500 list of most profitable companies.

The company has a deep belief in social responsibility. Prudential Financial is bringing hope by giving opportunity to young people by means of educational opportunities, housing, and strengthening communities.